Exercise for Cognitave Health

The key to finding an exercise plan that will promote your cognitive health is to find something that builds your aerobic capacity (more oxygen to your brain!), lowers your fat level and is fun. Some of the best exercise systems: aerobics, swimming, martial arts, dance and rowing.

  • When exercising, practice good breathing—breathe through your nose and don’t hold your breath during exertion—that’s the time to exhale.
  • Do some basic aerobic exercise regularly: walk to work, ride your bike, play a sport, run around and chase your kid—just let yourself get winded, it’s good for you
  • Look into Pilates or some other simple set of exercises that will strengthen your “core”—your lower back and abdominal muscles, since these are the muscle groups we rely on most
  • Stretch to increase your flexibility—stretch your calves, hamstrings, lower back—make stretching part of your daily wrap-up ritual