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This project first started as a project in 2008. I wanted to have a simple way to write down my thoughts on a life well-lived (and lessons hard-learned) for my daughter

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Emmery as she was wrapping up high school and getting ready for college. At the time, Emmery thought it was a waste and told me that she’d never read it. That threw me for a loop, but I kept at it for a while, then turned it into a more personal tool,

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and then eventually moved many of the thoughts over to Evernote.

Now, as my youngest daughter Mae has just entered high school, as older daughter Emmery and stepson Max still haven’t found their paths… as I have just turned 50 and am starting a new life with my best friend and new wife Susan, I think it’s time to revisit this

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simple, humble project. Perhaps it’s for Mae. Perhaps it’s for Emmery. Perhaps it’s for Max. Maybe it’s for their children. Maybe it’s for me. I’m not sure.

What I will say is that I really do want to put down the best wisdom that I have learned – from experience, from mentors, from observation, from being a member of multiple “societies” and from reading. Take everything with a grain of salt – be skeptical, question assumptions and think for yourself. Hopefully this will be slightly helpful.

You can reach me at: paul (at) schuytema.com.

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